Since 1958

Doğusel Marine Furniture, whose foundations was laid in 1958 in Kasımpaşa in Istanbul by Mehmet Celal DOĞUSEL, a thin carpenter headworker, has been gathered under the roof of Doğusel Consultancy and Maritime in 2016 with the appointment of Mr. Atty. Vedat DOĞUSEL, one of the 3rd generation managers of the Doğusel family, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

During its 60 years of commercial life, its main objectives are to be a leader in all fields of activity both in Turkey and in the world, to make a decisive difference by prioritising continuous development and change, to provide permanent superiority with high quality and strong relationships in every field and to create resources for continuous development and improvement.

With the 4 different companies under its umbrella, it continues its activities in the maritime, ship furniture, yacht construction, architecture, construction and IT sectors in line with customer demands and needs in accordance with international standards.

Change & Development

As Doğusel Group of Companies, with the awareness that change and development is the most necessary order of nature, we constantly take care to develop our companies with our family and to adapt to today’s trends in the best way. We continue to develop and grow our strong company culture from our past and always take care to represent our country in the best way possible with the power that change gives us by following the world order with our innovative mindset.

Chairman’s Message

With our new management approach, Doğusel Group of Companies, which operates with 7 companies and 3 brands in 6 different sectors today, continues to contribute to the Turkish economy and support the national economy with employment, foreign currency inflow and innovative production.

Although the dynamics of each of our business lines are different, our goal will always be sustainable growth. Our claim to leadership in each sector in which we operate will continue and formulate our strategies accordingly.

We will share the honour of adding value to the Turkish economy with our community, which employs more than 440 people, 120 directly and 320 indirectly.


Ship building

We continue to work for the best representation of our country's largest production power.

TRX Marine

We produce ships for the world water with our professional and sustainable structure.


We continue to produce and develop in order to maintain the superior leadership of our country, which is the 3rd in yacht production in the world, in this sector.

Huzur Yat

We add aesthetics to the world water with the years of experience and confidence that we have.


In the sector, which is the basic building block of our company, we take care to represent the power we received from our founders in the best way.

DDM Marine

We have been touching lives on ships since 1958.


We are aware that design is the most valuable process and we are proud of allocating our biggest investments to this sector.

Viya Architectural Design

We continue to design with our expert staff.


We serve our country with the awareness of the valuable power of information and how important it is to process it.

Doğusel Denizcilik ve Danışmanlık

We show the right way with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.



Doğusel Danışmanlık
TRX Marine